This website is dedicated to promoting the practice of eating insects (known as “entomophagy”) by providing information on the health and environmental benefits as well as ways to incorporate it in our diet.

Passionate about healthy and delicious food, we found ourselves too much in love with insects to just observe the emerging tendency and growing interest towards this amazing nutrition. And it was love from first bite so why keep it for ourselves and not share it with the world? You know this state of mind when you are excited about something and you want to shout it out and share it with as many people as possible. Because sharing doubles the joy! And in our case it spreads some good news and tasty stuff as well 🙂

The Big Picture: By utilizing insects as a more ecologically efficient protein source, we can shift eating patterns in a direction that is healthier for humans and better for the planet.

Our piece of The Picture: Introducing insects as a food ingredient in our kitchen by sharing delicious recipes + links for placing orders for insect products so that you can try out those recipes at home.

Not sure about cooking insects on your own? Check out The Bug It Experience section of the menu to find out more about how to get to try this  exciting new food!